iPhone 5 - What do we think?

New iPhone 5

Here we go again. Another iPhone has been released by those tech-geeks over at Apple. We always look forward to new iPhone/iPad, we can’t help it. It provides us with some excitement and challenges as to how we can better improve apps for schools. 

So what exactly is so special about this iPhone? Is it even that good? Let’s take a look into what is great to see in this release and what may be missing. 


Design has been crucial to the recent success of Apple and consumers now value aesthetics highly. The design has significantly changed in this release with the biggest difference being the taller, 4 inch Retina display. This has paved the way for rows of 5 apps instead of the previous 4. The aim was to increase on-screen experience without significantly changing the user experience of holding the iPhone. 

As always, Apple have made the new iPhone lighter and thinner. To be precise, it is 20% lighter and 18% thinner. iPhone 5 will feel much different with this new design.

The only negative of the design is that the taller screen may be too much of a change. 


Apple have managed to double the speed by using the new A6 chip. We will see web pages load quicker, apps performer faster and graphics will look much better. This is one of the things that just make the overall experience much more enjoyable.

Lightning Connector

The old pinned connector has been completely revamped into ta new digital, reversible Lightening Connector. The connector is not only faster in performance but it also saves us from working out which way the connector plugs in!  Happy days for all. 

Battery Life

iPhone 4S suffered from barrage of battery life complaints when it was initally released. For me, the battery has been too weak. Fortunately the battery life of the iPhone 5 has been increased.

Panorama Camera

iPhone takes incredible images. Instagram has made us all professionals and taking photos. There is even a name for all of this - iPhoneography. There is now the awesome panoramic camera which will only fuel the love of taking photos on iPhone.

What’s Missing?

There seems to be the lack of that wow factor we usually get with iPhone releases. Is a panoramic camera or a taller screen really that innovative? Where’s NFC or wireless charging? Apple say NFC is not for them right now but that’s only because user adoption is not so high. Unfortunately, Apple hold the cards. If they wanted to use NFC and make users adopt it then they could. Maybe NFC is for the next release? Hopefully.


Apple have yet again shown us all how marketing is done. Just look at their product page for iPhone 5. By the end of it we all just go “I really want one”. It’s just too hard to resist.

Overall, I think iPhone 5 is a good release. It isn’t a game-changer by any means, but it is enough to get people to buy it. Apple will need to come up with something jaw-dropping for their next release, otherwise people will begin to find an alternative. But for now, it is still the best smartphone on the market. 

What do you think of iPhone 5? Do you prefer a different OS or phone? Let us know.