25 Tweets to Send Before Christmas #SocialAdvent

This Christmas, we’re all going to get creative. Schools have had a great year on Twitter and you’re going to end it on a high. The problem many school marketers have is coming up with engaging content on a daily basis. We thought we could jump in and give you a hand.

Every day we are going to be setting a different challenge. So, for 25 days you will have something new to share on Twitter. The idea is that you will be able to share things that your communities will be interested in. It also helps you get into a rhythm of tweeting (and will hopefully inspire you too!). 

To take part, and be in for a chance to win daily prizes, post your tweets using #SocialAdvent. You will be able to follow along and find inspiring content from other schools. We will be monitoring #SocialAdvent every day and picking our favourite tweets for each badge.

Day 1

Seasons Greetings: Share a Twitter video - Christmas Greetings from the Head (and pin it to your profile)

Day 2

6 Seconds Of Fame: Sell your school in 6 seconds using Vine (get creative!)

Day 3

Festive Feast: Share 4 photos of the best lunchtime food on offer at your school.

Day 4

Up Periscope: Periscope a lesson or event at your school. Maybe a science experiment?

Day 5 (Sat)

Pin Up! Share your school Christmas Fayre posters & stories

Day 6 (Sun)

Poet's Corner: Share a festive poem, ditty, or limerick

Day 7

Educator: Quote Retweet top educational resource

Day 8

Deck The Walls: Run a best decorated classroom competition. Share a photos of the winning classroom

Day 9

Popstman: Christmas Card Day: Share photos of your best Christmas cards

Day 10

Once Upon A Time: Share an ‘on this day…’. interesting fact #TBT 

Day 11

#Treelapse: Create a timelapse of your Christmas tree being decorated (or lights flashing)

Day 12 (Sat)

Shining Star: Share an inspiring story about your alumni

Day 13 (Sun) 

Community Service: Raise awareness for a community project linked to the school 

Day 14

Motivator! Tweet a motivational/inspirational quote #MondayMotivation

Day 15

The Big 10! Ten days to go, share your  "Top Ten" favourite moments in the year - ask your pupils & teachers

Day 16

Poller: Conduct a festive Twitter poll - Christmas Pudding or Cake? Baubles or Lights?

Day 17

The Xmas Factor: Post an audio clip of your school singing a festive carol #SchoolCarols to SoundCloud

Day 18

Nana's Sweater: share your best efforts

Day 19 (Sat)

Comedian: Make us laugh with Christmas jokes (keep it clean!) 

Day 20 (Sun)

Organiser: Create a Twitter list of your departmental-accounts. And tweet them out!

Day 21

Linguist: How many ways can you say Merry Christmas around the world?

Day 22

I'm a Celebrity: Retweet. Share something that a celebrity might retweet 

Day 23

Paparazzi: Share your best press clippings of the year

Day 24

White Christmas: No snow? Share your best snow pics of the school #TBT 

Day 25:

 Santa: Schedule a Merry Christmas tweet! Bonus points for creativity.



Take a look at what schools did in 2014, and 2013.

Good luck!

Creative Arts On Pinterest


A "catalogue of ideas" - This is how the founder of Pinterest describes his website. It inspires users to "go out and do that thing".

Pinterest is a blank canvas, a bulletin board. Within boards users can pin images, videos, and other resources creating a collage.

All social media networks are expressive and give us the opportunity to be creative but all in their own unique way. When we are deciding which social media channels to use, we look at the content and must decide which channels to share the content on.

Creativity and Social Media

Creativity are expressive, inspiring and need a social platform which allows inspiration to blossom. Sure, it's possible to be creative on Twitter up to 140 characters, but it's not exactly a match made in heaven with the creative arts. Certain creative subjects have obvious social platforms. 

Social media has given the art world a fantastic platform in which people can share their inspirational work! Pinterest is a place for individuals who are highly visual and creative.

So what can I do on Pinterest? 

Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art
— Leonardo Da Vinci

The beauty of art is that it comes in many shapes and forms. Paintings, prints, drawings, design, performance art, sculpture, installation and so many more. Art is created with passion and a great deal of skill and talent.


Pinterest gives you the ability to showcase any kind of art. This could be anything from the art of making beautiful food to the art of creating beautiful Christmas decorations.

1. DIY - DIY is a massive part of Pinterest. People share handy hacks and tips for do-it-yourself projects. DIY & Crafts is one of the most "pinned" categories on Pinterest 

2. Food and Drink - Hungry? Pinterest's stunning visual platform is the perfect recipe for when it comes to sharing creative and innovative food ideas.

Warning: Don't browse Pinterest when hungry! 

3. Home Décor -  Sharing creative, stunning, innovative décor for your home is hugely popular on Pinterest. Creative guides and tutorials to help people are integral to the sites success.

4. Holidays & Events - Lots of Pinterest's traffic is driven around seasonal holidays and events. From guides on decorating easter eggs and carving pumpkins to throwing the annual christmas party on a budget, Pinterest is a fantastic aid for the hectic holiday seasons.

These are just some of the most popular categories in Pinterest but there are thousands of hugely popular categories which can vary from the best way to clean your car to child nutritional values and how to best use your leftover Lego pieces! 

How to Use Pinterest

Pinterest like many social media channels has a simple functionality and takes no time at all to get to grips with.

Using Pinterest in Schools

With Pinterest being so creatively driven and having so many different categories to explore, there is a real opportunity for schools to embrace Pinterest and utilise it as a teaching aid. 

Pinterest can benefit both staff and students! 

Pinterest is a community. It's a whole social media channel devoted to sharing these brilliant innovative ideas and helping one and other. Pinterest really captures, the art community as a whole. The educational side of Pinterest is also a community, where educators strive to help one and other by posting great content.

1. Bulletin Board - Bulletin boards are an essential part of any classroom! It's a chance for both teachers and their pupils to really demonstrate their creative side. Pinterest has some fantastic ideas for creating wonderfully innovative designs and putting life into your classroom bulletin board.

2. Lesson Plans - Why not spruce up lesson plans for subjects not usually associated with the creative arts?  They are some fantastic lesson plans and ideas on Pinterest to give any subject that creative arts feel! 9 outdoor maths activities? Create world flags for geography?

3. Art Boards - Why not share and showcase all the wonderful work that your students create in class? There are many Pinterest boards from Art classes demonstrating some truly mesmerising work! This is a great advertisement for your school and the wonderfully talented students which you help to nurture into artists! 

4. Create group projects - Community boards can be perfect for collaborative projects. One of Pinterest's main advantages is it's ability to save links or resources on the web, encourage students to collaborate on a Pinterest board.  You can even moderate the board to see who is contributing. 

5.Collaborate - Pinterest boards can be a great way to collaborate with other teachers. You can share ideas, resources, videos, news articles, infographics and images. You don’t have to be working in the same school, or even the same country, to be able to work on the same collection of resources.


Using Pinterest for Creative Arts

Pinterest lends itself perfectly to creative arts. And schools can use Pinterest to share the great things they create.

Many departments (particularly art!) use Pinterest for researching, as well as archiving the pupil's work.


Collect and organise your art work by setting up boards related to the style.

Teachers can also use the search feature to research and curate particular artists or styles:

  • Pop art
  • Picasso
  • Fine art
A search for 'Picasso' on Pinterest

A search for 'Picasso' on Pinterest


Physical products are very popular within the Pinterest community. Therefore, products created in your DT department should be shared.

A search for 'Product Design' on Pinterest

A search for 'Product Design' on Pinterest


Curate textiles inspiration for your pupils. This can then be a wonderful resource for them in the lesson.

Share the work that your pupils create!

A search for 'Textiles' on Pinterest

A search for 'Textiles' on Pinterest

So Why Use Pinterest? 

Pinterest is more than a website it's a lifestyle!

Pinterest is more than a website it's a lifestyle!

Pinterest is a powerful visually driven social network, which creates a caring community. In this community users share creative, innovative ideas, and express themselves! 

The visual interest and interaction is what made Pinterest so popular and now has over 100 million users. Pinterest only continues to grow and has massive potential to achieve more with new features being added such as the ability to upload and pin videos.

Pinterest is a place to share the great things that your pupils create.

We would love to hear about how you use Pinterest and what innovative and wonderful resources you have shared!

Share your thoughts in the comments below...

Learn About SlideShare

With 70 million unique visitors a month, 38 million registered users and being voted in the world's top 10 tools for education and e-learning, it would be very surprising if you have not heard about SlideShare before, but what is SlideShare? 

What is it? 

When launched in 2006 SlideShare was described as a website similar to YouTube but for slideshows. With the internet becoming more and more accessible SlideShare was launched to put a stop to the dreary days of Microsoft Powerpoint, carrying paper presentations in a briefcase and mostly importantly to put a to stop this....

SlideShare hoped to put a stop to the sleeping boardroom and make a platform where you could easily make an efficient, entertaining, accessible presentation which looks professional and keeps the office awake...


Maybe not this awake but you get the gist of what we're saying!

Maybe not this awake but you get the gist of what we're saying!

With the potential of SlideShare it soon began to grow and branch into other markets as well as business. It found itself growing into other markets such as technology, education, design, photography, health and many, many more. This is particularly surprising to many people especially as LinkedIn (Social network for business people) acquired SlideShare in 2012! 

Check out how a SlideShare presentation works:

What can it do?

Many people may think that SlideShare is simply just a presentation tool for businesses and the corporate World. Many people may have looked past it because of this but after expanding and branching out more and more, the possibilities of SlideShare are endless.

Check out these unique uses of SlideShare...

From cookbooks to building boats, SlideShare really does have that endless potential which makes a great platform.

Why Use it?

  1. Time Saving: Creating a presentation on SlideShare is simple and really takes no time at all. With a built-in image library and easy slide formatting tools, it take no time at all to create stunning visual presentations.

  2. Easily Accessible: With SlideShare being available to download on mobile and tablets, the ease of access is a big feature of SlideShare. With presentation software such as Microsoft Powerpoint users are expected to download several apps and go through a complex download procedure to view presentations with questionable ease. SlideShare presentations are much easier to download and you will have no problem sharing your presentations with others. 

  3. Unlimited Reach: With SlideShare being an online platform, your presentations have a Worldwide reach. This is fantastic for promoting your brand, company, school, product or even yourself. Incorporate brand colours, logos, include amazing facts about your own company or product. This is really free advertising. There are 70 million unique monthly visitors to SlideShare with numbers only rising! 

  4. Multi-Media: If you've been mistakenly assuming that SlideShare is all about slides, it isn't entirely true. They remain the most common format used on the website but PDF's, videos and a number of other formats can be used on SlideShare to bring your presentations to life.  The ease in which multi-media can be added to the presentations is a huge plus point for SlideShare, it takes a matter of seconds to include a video or a PDF in your presentation.

  5. Archiving: SlideShare is the perfect solution for not having to worry about the small memory stick carrying that crucial presentation, or carrying the presentation in your briefcase . Rather than fuss with large file transfers, simply run the presentation from SlideShare.  No need to carry around the presentation and worry about them getting lost. Upload your SlideShare presentation and keep it forever! This is particularly useful if you want to archive presentations or create a series of presentations.

Schools and SlideShare

Schools and SlideShare go hand in hand and are really a perfect match. SlideShare is a learning platform, schools are learning establishments, it makes perfect sense.

However the argument is often why move to an online presentation platform? Why not stick to the old reliable offline presentation software?  To look at why schools should use SlideShare it's important to be creative and and explore the platform for yourself!

We looked at some great uses for SlideShare in schools... 

So what can schools use SlideShare for?

Look at this brilliant example of a maths quiz!

  • Homework: As mentioned above in the creating a quiz section, why not use SlideShare to set your pupils some homework? They are literally thousands of presentations about educational topics from World Wars to the ancient Egyptians! Schools can create and upload their own content to share with their pupils or share existing content.

  • Revision: During critical points of a child's education when the child is studying for several subjects at GCSE level, why not mix up the tools they use to revise? By using SlideShare schools can create new and innovative revision guides for the pupils. Providing variation and being productive and resourceful is crucial in assisting students during such a critical time of their education.

  • Learn an Language: Why not learn a language on SlideShare? Perhaps one of the more obscure uses of SlideShare but nethertheless it is a possibility. SlideShare can be used as a tool to assist in modern languages in schools. Create a presentation of key phrases, places or just simple greetings. An interactive learning aid really has the potential to get the attention of pupils. Also instead of handing out pieces of paper which usually end up lost or crumpled up in the bottom of the pupils bag, archive the lesson forever on SlideShare, this will be a useful tool for revision and homework also!

  • Learn an Instrument: Why not use SlideShare to learn an instrument at school? SlideShare can be used to aid for teaching music in school. Create handy presentations for remembering guitar chords, create presentations with the sheet music for the christmas play all in one place! They are some great teaching aids when you think of SlideShare as a creative aid.

SlideShare may have started off as a business tool but has blossomed into... well it has blossomed into millions of unique learning tools. Learn an instrument, learn a language, build a boat, cook a lasagne, relieve stress at work! Im sure the founders couldn't have envisaged how SlideShare would evolve so much!

Be open to change!

Be open to change!

So take a look at SlideShare , create a presentation and see how it can work for you!

We would love to hear your comments and thoughts about SlideShare and how you have used it. 

Please share your comments with us below! 

ISSUU: Be Green

The Math

How many letters have you found crumpled up in your child's bag? How many newsletters were you given at school? 


In the United Kingdom alone there are 8.4 million pupils. Let's say that every student gets 1 letter a week, probably the weekly newsletter.

There are 39 schools weeks in a year so let's quickly do the math. If every pupils gets one letter a week that is a total of... wait for it...

...327,600,000 letters distributed in a school year. 

Each tree manages an average of 8,333 sheets of paper.This works out at 39,313 trees being cut down every school year for schools in the United Kingdom.  This is only 0.0006% of the 6 billion trees cut down every year worldwide but the numbers are still staggeringly high.

Let's add a couple more countries into the math and see the results...

China has 199 million pupils. Based on every child getting a weekly newsletter this is a staggering  7,761,000,000 pieces of paper every year! Meaning 931,357 trees are being cut down. This is 0.16%  of the 6 billion trees cut down every year worldwide.

If every pupil in the world were to receive one weekly newsletter, this would contribute to a total of 4.4 million trees being cut down every year!

Based on this schools are nearly responsible for 1% of trees being cut down every year! Based on one letter a week!

Of course the math, isn't concrete but what is for sure is that in education a lot of paper is used and that steps can be taken to reduce our carbon footprint.  Of course paper is needed in schools. The question we need to be asking is where can we save paper?

The Solution - ISSUU

ISSUU launched in 2007. The platform is a digital newsstand with over 25 million digital publications and over 100 million active users. ISSUU is a simple way of digitalising your school's documents.

Check out how simple it is to upload a publication to ISSUU;


With technology's growing influence in schools, it's confounding that paper publications and newsletters are still a regular occurrence in the majority of schools.

With ISSUU schools can simply include a link to the publication or even embed the publication within a weekly e-mail thus making the arduous task of making sure every child has a letter to go with home with a thing of the past! 

Check out a great example of one our school's ISSUU publications: 



The Benefits

As well as the "green incentive" ISSUU has a wealth of benefits to bring to schools.  

  1. Archiving: ISSUU is an online platform meaning whenever a publication is uploaded it stays on there and won't get lost! No more rummaging around the house for an old piece of paper about a school trip! Just simply log onto ISSUU and browse your publications using a simple search. 
  2. Interactive: With ISSUU being an digital newsstand this brings new dimensions to the weekly school newsletter! Embed a Youtube Video, Flickr Gallery or even a Vine. The possibilities are now endless.  Make pages stand out by digitalising them! 
  3. Unlimited Reach: If you have a paper newsletter, your'e likely to have one printed per pupil. This has a very limited reach. ISSUU  gives the newsletter an unlimited reach.  The publication is accessible to everyone worldwide. What a great way to promote your school! Show what fantastic things the pupils get up to, and stamp your own unique school brand worldwide! 
  4. Cost Effective: The cost saving involved with digital publishing is staggering! Digital publications cut the cost of all paper resources. With the thousands of letters and publications schools hand out every year digital publishing can save schools a staggering amount of money! 
  5. It's Simple to Use: Many people may be afraid that ISSUU is a complicated platform to use may and be scared by the term digital publishing, but it really is very easy to use. Don't be afraid and just try uploading a PDF for yourself, ISSUU really does the hard work for you!  

What else can it do? 

Revision guides on ISSUU

Here are some example of how ISSUU can revolutionise your schools resources. 

  1. Revision Guides: Instead of having to give every child a massive revision book for every subject which will inevitability end up gathering dust or getting lost , why not direct them to ISSUU? With apps for mobiles and tablets it's increasingly likely that having digital revision guides  may be far more beneficial for pupils of the modern era. Guides won't get lost and schools will save plenty of money not having to replace new books !
  2. Learn a language : Explore the world with ISSUU!  There are literally thousands of publications to enhance the learning of modern languages in schools such as French or Spanish, and why not teach other fun languages? Guides to count to ten in Mandarin or learning how to ask for directions in Greek! ISSUU is a fantastic aid for learning languages!  
  3. Homework: Why not set the children a reading task? Assign a publication from ISSUU for the pupils to read. If a religious studies teacher wanted to get the pupils to read a  story from the Bible or the Quran, just e-mail a link and a page number to the pupils? Upload a PDF of all homework tasks for the term? ISSUU really creates a new dimension for homework! 
  4. Prospectuses: Marketing for prospective pupils is a massive business for schools. As well as having printed prospectuses, why not upload your schools prospectus to ISSUU? This means the school will never run out of prospectuses and it will again give the prospectuses unlimited reach. This is particularly beneficial for international boarding schools! 
  5. Learn an instrument: ISSUU has thousands of resources for learning new instruments! For example use publications to direct students to a guide for learning basic guitar chords for so they will always have a reference! 

ISSUU can be used for a variation of reasons. It can be used for just uploading your weekly newsletters or it can be used as an educational newsstand! Help students learn a language or market your school online! 

Go ahead and try out ISSUU and see what it can do for your school...

We would love to here any thoughts you have on how your school could use ISSUU, please comment below. 

The Ghouls of Social

Welcome to the Social Graveyard - the empty space on the web, for the social channels of old.

There was once a time when people didn't use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Can you believe that?

Social media actually started in 1978, when two computer hobbyists invented the computerised bulletin board system (BBS). This was used to inform friends of meetings, make announcements, and share information. Sound familiar?

Fast forwarding through the beautiful internet timeline we get to see GeoCities, Blogger, AOL, Friendster, Hi5, Digg.

MSN Messenger

Founded 1999.

MSN messenger has a warm place in every user's heart. Launched in 1999 by Microsoft,  MSN messenger was a instant messaging client which took the world by storm. In 2005 it had over 330 million active monthly users and was a big part of everybody's lives.

330 Million in 2005! Only 8% of the population had internet access, these numbers in proportion to internet users at the time are unbelievable. 

When broadband started to rise to prominence the service became more and more popular but what could MSN messenger do? What made it so popular? 


  • Send Files - To instantly send files was a pretty big deal back during the days of MSN and was relatively easy. MSN wanted to do everything e-mail could do but quicker.

  • Video Chat - If you were lucky enough to own an expensive webcam with an appalling camera like so many of the webcams from the early 2000's you could video chat.

  • Play Games - Invite your contacts to a quick game of tick-tack-toe or battleships whilst you message.

The dreaded nudge...

The dreaded nudge...

Where is it now?

With Microsoft launching Skype, MSN messenger quickly became more and more redundant and too many people’s dismay and despite some protests (probably for nostalgic reasons) the service ceased operations back in December 2014 with the last ever message being sent in China!

R.I.P MSN Messenger 1999-2014. 

Friends Reunited

Founded 2000.

Britain's first social network to gain prominence and launch the United Kingdom into the social age back in the year 2000.  

Steve and Julie Parkhurst from Barnet started the business in their home after hearing about the American website classmates.com. After a year the website had 2.5million users.

By 2005 the website had 15 millions users and Steve and Julie from Barnet pocketed themselves £150 million pound when ITV bought the website back in 2005.


So what could you do on Friends Reunited?

  • Find classmates -  The website worked on a simple premise.  The premise that we all want to know "what ever happened to...". A question we can know find the answer to quickly, but when Friends Reunited first launched this was groundbreaking stuff.

That was the feature of the website. Simple but groundbreaking. The website led to people discovering childhood sweethearts, old friends and establishing a whole new way of communicating.

Where is it now?

In 2009 ITV sold friends reunited for a loss of £125 million pounds to DC Thompson a Scottish publishing company. In 2013 the company announced the website was no longer a part of their integral plans but would keep the website running.

So why not stop by the Friends Reunited website and take a trip down memory lane...


Founded 2002.

Myspace Tom! Your original friend Myspace friend when first signing up.

Myspace was once the most visited website in the world and even surpassed Google in 2005 as the most visited website.

There's no doubt that Myspace was a real social giant back in the day!

Your first Myspace friend! Even founder Tom Anderson didn't bother uploading a high resolution profile picture!

Your first Myspace friend! Even founder Tom Anderson didn't bother uploading a high resolution profile picture!

So what could Myspace do?

  • Profile song - One of the biggest decisions you would have to make in life was choosing which one track you wanted as your profile song. When users clicked on your profile this song would play showing users your unique music taste!

  • Top friends - Very similar to Bebo, you had the luxury of choosing your top friends which would be shown publicly on your profile.  Another feature of social media to ensure havoc and drama broke out amongst teenage users!

  • Share Pictures/ Videos with friends - In many ways Myspace was very similar to Bebo and Facebook, you could add pictures and videos to create an online bio!

  • Bulletin Posts- The original lengthy Facebook posts first started back on Myspace, granted they weren't usually for big political statements or poetic stories but it was a unique feature at the time!   

Where is it now?

MySpace is still technically alive!

In 2013 Myspace was redesigned and relaunched as predominantly a music network. However Myspace's latest Alexa rank was 1852, it seems like a long time since it was the number one most visited website in the world a decade ago!  

Even Myspace Tom the founder has moved over to Facebook and Instagram...

We wonder if Mark Zuckerberg still uses Myspace?

We wonder if Mark Zuckerberg still uses Myspace?

However unlike Bebo you can still access Myspace on a desktop so why not sign in (if you can do your best to remember your Myspace password) and  access your old photos and see just how far you have come along!


Founded 2005.

"Share the Luv".  Ah Bebo, the original teen social network. Remember deciding who to share your three luv's with and making the massive decision of selecting your other half for the world to see? Bebo was hugely popular when it first launched and will be many teenagers first experience of social media!  So what could Bebo do...

  • Share Pictures/ Videos with friends - In many ways Bebo was very similar to Facebook, you could add pictures and videos and create an online bio!

  • "Share the luv" - You had the power to give three love hearts a day. What did this achieve? We aren't exactly sure... but hey it's a feature of Bebo and it made it pretty popular.

  • Selecting your top 16 friends. Yes 16! Even if you only really have 10 friends, Bebo was pretty set in it's ways. Just rank your closest 6 acquaintances to reach the magic 16.

  • Skins- The glitz and the glamour of Bebo skins. Bebo gave you a unique feature to give your whole profile a glamorous skin. Unfortunately being mainly used by teens most Bebo skins were sparkly playboy bunnies, footballs and fast cars!

  • Featured Video - Bebo gave you the chance to have a featured video on your profile. You could make a stand out statement about your political stance? Promote a charitable cause? No probably best to put a Basshunter song.

  • Your other half - Bebo gave you the chance to select another user to be your other half. With teenage relationships this would change from week to week and could cause some serious friction between users!

England and Liverpool footballer Jordan Henderson has recently had his old Bebo account come into the spotlight... oh dear Jordan!

England and Liverpool footballer Jordan Henderson has recently had his old Bebo account come into the spotlight... oh dear Jordan!

Where is it now?

Believe it or not Bebo was once sold for $850 million dollars! Then with the rise of Facebook Bebo soon became pretty obsolete. The original owners bought it back for $1 million dollars and relaunched Bebo into....well into some kind of a chat service?

It's now only available on mobile. The app is about creating an avatar to chat with.

The app hasn't been well received. And with the 1 star rating on the iPhone app store, the public will be sticking with Whatsapp for now - sorry, Bebo!  

At the time Bebo launched a pretty revolutionary social networking website and perhaps even gave Mr Zuckerberg an idea or two for Facebook.

Did you know? in 2011 Facebook stocks tumbled when people discovered Mark Zuckerberg's ill-designed Bebo account. It really was an eye-sore...

Spooky Social Memories

As well as these spooky social networks they are more social spooks which lie in the social graveyard.

The latest generation of social media users will not have to break down the barriers which we faced when braving the early days of the internet.

Who remembers this terrifying sound?

The dreaded- dial up internet.

The current generation of internet users will never know the fear or hearing the phone ring whilst surfing the internet or playing a game!

During an MSN Messenger conversation the phone would ring and when answered would kill your internet connection!

Before Tinder

If you want to watch a spooky film this halloween and take a look at life before Tinder when online dating was slightly different.

The Tom Hanks movie You've got mail” perfectly captured the nature of the spooky internet of the 1990's. 

The film based on the premise of two business rivals falling in love as anonymous internet lovers.

The E-mailing and computers in this movie are enough to give anybody nightmares! Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan find love on AOL Instant Messenger.  

Online dating has come on a long way since this film was launched in 1998. If they only waited another year they could have used MSN Messenger - now there's a film idea! 

Now robots can do our dating for us!

Now robots can do our dating for us!

We hope you enjoyed the @intSchools tour of the social graveyard and that you didn’t find it too frightening!

 With social media constantly developing and changing, who knows what could be in the social graveyard in ten years time?

We would love to hear about any spooky social memories you may have!

Share your thoughts in the comments below and... Happy Halloween!